The General Election 2017 | My Views

Considering the upcoming election that is taking place in just 5 days, I thought I’d be brave and do a political post. Please don’t close the tab just yet…

There is a huge assumption made about teens that they know nothing about Politics and it is an assumption I find utterly ridiculed. Why can’t teenagers know as much as adults when they have access to the exact same information?

I fully support and stand for the Labour party. I can’t say that I vote Labour because I can’t actually vote. I am too young to vote – I was robbed by a mere 6 months BUT if I could vote Labour then I would 100% would. Despite not being old enough to vote, Politics is still something I am very passionate about because as the famous quote reads ‘If you don’t do Politics, Politics will do you’.

The Importance 

Firstly, I just want to comment on how important being educated on Politics is. Lots of people tell me that I’m ‘too young to be worrying about things like politics’ but that truly doesn’t correlate. I am only a matter of months away from the voting age and having this mindset is awful. Think of all the people who have turned 18 in this past year who had no idea that they would be voting in such a big election so soon. People need to be ready and, to accept the responsibility of having the right to vote as soon as they do so. People need to take it upon themselves to be educated because saying ‘I just don’t really get politics’ isn’t an excuse. It is an alternative way of saying ‘I haven’t bothered to educate myself’ ‘I don’t take my voting privileges seriously’ and ‘I don’t really care for the state of mine or anybody else’s future’.

Okay, so that is a little bit brutal because I do understand that all the political jargon can fry many brains and the whole knowing who to trust and who stands for what thing is a little bit iffy but knowing these things are so critical when voting!

Personally, I do also believe that Political awareness and teachings should be part of the PSHE Curriculum in secondary schools to encourage and educate young people. Especially since it was suggested that the turnout amongst those aged 18 to 24 in the most recent vote on the EU Referendum was only 36%.

The upcoming General Election is the thing that will determine how a person will live for the next five years; whether they are aware of it or not. I hear so many comments from people believing that their vote won’t matter and that whoever is running the country won’t affect them. That’s just totally wrong. It’s just like wrong. It’s just not true.

Political education is so important!

Why Labour?

I’m not going to push my own Political stance and views here, but it is no secret that I am Labour through and through.

Debates, Manifestos and Policies aside, the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn really do show how they are on the people’s side or ‘for the many’ just by how they campaign. They really have been out there doing the most and the way they have enticed young audiences, Jeremy especially, has been nothing more than pure excellence. More so, the Labour party have also released a more simplistic version of their manifesto that caters to adults with disabilities. Actions really can speak louder than words and for me, these things just display a party that really does care.

I won’t go into full details about what Labour are representing but their policies just cannot be ignored. Unlike certain parties who only care to talk about Brexit (which is important but doesn’t offer the people the certainty on other pressing domestic issues,) Labour’s manifesto really does offer everything it possibly can to help the people; from the extremely important changes in education to the critical protection of our healthcare services. Labour just actually, you know, cares.

Labour have also received so much stick regarding how they will pay for the changes they campaign for, to the point where they have even released a financial plan explaining how these changes will be funded – yet this still gets highly frowned upon. I even heard somebody say the other day that the idea of free school meals is silly as there will be waste? I am sorry but really? I don’t know about you but I would rather a child get a hot meal and there be waste than for them to starve. Additionally, there are measures that can prevent this. At my little brother’s Primary School, they have to book in if they want school meals two weeks in advance so the school knows how much they have to order in.

I just feel like people come up with so many reasons not to vote Labour when really all excuses come down to the fact that these people don’t really care and lack compassion for others.

You can find the Labour Manifesto here:


Disclaimer: I am not saying that I am an expert in the slightest. This post is just for displaying my own personal views.


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