My Top Six Summer Essentials

Summer is here! Whether you view Summer as a sweaty, unbearable period that is spent longing for the Winter Snow or if you see it as a joyous holiday that is spent having fun under the sun with your friends – here are just a few of my top Essentials that I think make Summer just that little bit better.

BB Cream

Obviously, a Summer necessity is Sun Cream but for those of us who wear foundation, BB Cream is a great face substitute! Not only does BB Cream offer a Sun Protection Factor, it also offers a good level of coverage that isn’t as heavy than foundation. I use the Rimmel London BB Cream that has an SPF of 25 and can be purchased from Boots for just £6.99!

peng 1

Get it here –

Body Mist

There is nothing more refreshing than a cool spray of Body Mist when you’re sweating in the blazing Summer Heat. My favourite Body Mists are from Victoria’s Secret. They smell incredible! You really do pay for the quality.

peng 2

Get them here – or


Sunglasses are so important! Everybody knows the importance of protecting the Skin from Ultraviolet Light/Rays but the Eyes are actually up to ten times more sensitive. Not to mention that they are also pretty great for the Summer aesthetic too. I always get my Sunglasses from Boots Opticians. They literally offer everything; from brand to colour.

peng 3

You get some Boots Opticians Sunglasses here! –

Vitamin Water*

It is SO important to stay hydrated throughout the hot Summer months – Vitamin Water does this and so much more! Along with being really tasty and cooling, this Water also contains keys Vitamins that help with a whole number of things; reduction of fatigue and maintenance of normal bones, just to name a few. *I personally prefer Vitamin Water Zero as it doesn’t contain as much sugar and sweeteners! It is much healthier.

peng 4

Ice Cream

This one speaks for itself. Is it really Summer if you aren’t practically living off Ice Cream and/or Ice Lollies? I think not.

peng 5

Water Balloons

Yes, I am still 7 at heart. I LOVE Water Balloon fights in the Summer! It is cheap, cooling, thrilling – and just pure fun. When I was younger, my older brother and I would go to our local shop during the School Holidays and purchase a packet of 25 for 30p and older me still can’t get over that bargain. Although now everything is much cooler and more tech,  I do love the Self-Sealing Water Balloons just because they’re super quick and I’m lazy.

peng 6

You can get 111 Self-Sealing Water Balloons here for just £6.99 –

Note: All Opinions are my Own.


One thought on “My Top Six Summer Essentials

  1. Loved these essentials! Definitely to model after. I just stumbled upon your blog today and I have to look more into it! I love your posts, and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!

    Stop by if you get a chance,
    Mena from ✨


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