Shows I’ve Recently Been Loving

Apologies for this post being a few days late but it was posted today for a reason…

Today (or yesterday if you’re in the US), was the last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars. To commemorate this I thought I’d do a post dedicated to all of the shows that I’ve recently been watching and loving. I guarantee that I’ll miss some shows in this post since I have a brain like a sift but oh well!

1. Pretty Little Liars

I actually only discovered this show in December but I really did fall in love with it. The plot that it followed within the first couple of seasons is so gripping and the way that they’ve continued it on for 7 seasons is insane! Not only does this show have a great plot, the cast is also beyond incredible! They’re so talented and really do make the show. I watched the series finale today and I don’t have words to even describe it. The only words that come to mind are ‘Thank you’. Although I have only been watching Pretty Little Liars for just under a year I’m so heartbroken to see it go, so God knows how everybody who has been watching it from the start feels.


2. Grey’s Anatomy

This show is on another level in regards to medical dramas. It really did steal my heart from the first episode. Seasons 1 to 10 are especially excellent and I could honestly rewatch them all day. As a person who has zero interest in science, this show actually engaged me and even though it is fictional, it taught me more than GCSE Biology ever did. More so, the portrayal and representation of certain characters and situations are just stunning. This series may be 13+ seasons but it is worth it! I promise.


3. Orange Is the New Black

They don’t call it a Netflix Original l for nothing! It is the perfect balance between comedy and drama. It does have a huge cast but every character is of importance in way one or another. The non-linear narrative that is used in this show is something I also really appreciate – it makes the show so unique and special; it also helps audiences personally engage with every single inmate. I can’t believe that the next season is a year away! I need a time machine.


4. Gossip Girl

I only started this show in March but I finished it within four weeks. It is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I really do hate to love the characters on this show – or is it love to hate? Although it did make me crave a trust fund and an Upper East Side lifestyle, it did have such a fun plot and it really is just is a classic.


5. Coronation Street

Coronation Street is my favourite soap. That is no secret. I love it. I can’t even describe it as it literally has had every type of storyline and every type of character at some point. My favourite years for Coronation Street include 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015!


6. Broadchurch

This show is just pure gold. It sadly ended in April of this year and I miss it deeply. As far as Crime Dramas go, nothing compares to it. The plots of all 3 seasons have been incredible and the way the two main protagonists are written is just stunning, but the way Olivia Coleman and David Tennant portray them is even more so.



Notable Shoutouts

I’ve also been loving countless ITV and BBC dramas recently. Both those based on true stories and those that are completely fictional. I would mention them all but this post really would double in size. Just know that if it is on ITV or BBC then I most likely watch and love it.


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